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16 May


From the point of view of our sellers

It is true that many Britons who already own a home in Spain have worried about the consequences of Brexit. However, every house we have sold from British customers who have returned to the United Kingdom has sold for other reasons. The most common reasons are for the family or for health reasons.

From the point of view of our buyers

Meanwhile, when you ask British shoppers "Are you not worried about Brexit?", The answer is surprising and usually consists of something like "I will not let such political nonsense ruin the life of my dreams" !! I saw several Britons accelerate their plans to move to Spain to do everything before the end of March, but even those who could not make the move within that period have lost none of their enthusiasm.

Do I have to apply for Spanish residence?

I realized that British buyers have recently organized themselves to obtain their residence in Spain, while, before the Brexit situation, this process was not a priority. But at the end of the day, if you are going to reside in Spain for more than 180 days a year, it must be done at some time or another.

Will Brexit make living in Spain a nightmare?

Although it is still unclear what is really happening about Brexit and what the effects will be, for us Busot residents know that we should not worry ... We already know that while our friends and family in Britain are enduring with an incredibly cold April and we only have a few sunny days in the summer to wait, we enjoy the sun's rays almost every day of the year and we have a good 6 months of outdoor meals and relaxing in the pool to wait ... we live in the simplicity of Busot, breathing fresh air and enjoying the outdoors.

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