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Living in Busot during the Coronavirus 2020, by Paula Grocock

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Living in Busot during the Coronavirus 2020, by Paula Grocock
05 May

Living in Busot during the Coronavirus 2020, by Paula Grocock


When we first moved to Busot 18 months ago, never in our wildest dreams did we expect our current circumstances. 


Would we still have moved? Yes for sure! 


Our first winter here, local people told us it was the worst they’d had for years.  Then the wettest spring with a terrible Gota Fria, followed up with one of the hottest summers.  Just when you think that’s got to be it… COVID-19 rears its ugly head! 


It’s the strangest thing to be told you’re all in quarantine and you can only leave the house to shop for food, visit pharmacy or doctors and very little else.  When you work, you’re always longing for time off but when it’s enforced, its woooaahhh! 


So what do we do now…  Initially it was a great opportunity to empty wardrobes and sort things for charity so they’re all bagged and good to go… labelled “corona free home”. My husband, Karl, did the garden, maintained the pool, cleaned the car etc but there is only so much you can do. Before Lockdown, our house went on the market so all the big jobs had already been done ready for sale. 


On a plus we are really lucky to have so much space, indoors and outdoors, meaning the dogs still get to have a run around and we can get some exercise, even if limited. Though I can tell you, it’s amazing how many different routes you can find to go around your house just to keep it varied!


I love cooking so that has been a godsend and actually having the time to get the recipe books out and do things I don’t often have time for, has been great.  We are writing weekly menus and shopping lists and have stuck to them religiously, though substituting ingredients for things we can’t get has also proved amusing.  Karl gets his list and is sent off shopping like only a good personal shopper should do. 


Cooking itself has been entertaining… Karl sits at the kitchen island asking loads of questions, which was great at first, but that turned into “why don’t you do it this way or that”… you can imagine the suggestions back from me!  However, I can’t complain too much as he’s a brilliant kitchen assistant, chopping, tidying and washing up as I make mess.  We have cooked everything from donner kebab, curries, paella, dim sum, pastry, to egg & chips etc! 


From this came my idea to write a daily blog on Facebook to make people smile. It’s been a difficult time for so many people so I thought, if I could make them smile a little, it had to be a good thing.  The story developed to me being a “princess” on holiday in my Spanish villa, with the staff along for the ride, including a pretend trip advisor review! The blogs include the daily exploits of the “Staff”… a pool boy, gardener, maintenance man, car valet, chef, sommelier but mostly importantly the butler. They’ve been fired for bad attitude and then reinstated when they made more effort and they’ve generally been a source of entertainment. All at the expense of Karl who filled all the roles with much gusto, particularly the butler one that he took great delight in dressing up for & still works hard at most days! I’m seriously considering renting him out after all this! 


We are so lucky and very grateful to have the indoor & outdoor space at a time like this. We have a fantastic bbq/entertainment area, swimming pool, a petanque/boules pitch, a dartboard & loads of indoor & outdoor games so have been able to fill our time. 


And Busot itself… if it didn’t feel like home before, it does now. Being on lockdown gives you a new perspective on life and the area you live. We are so lucky to have a Mayor, town council and local police that genuinely care about their village.  They have done so much to try to help us all as much as they can. A few examples…. To brighten our spirits the police have offered to come to any house where a child is celebrating their birthday and sing “Cumpleanos Feliz” through their loudspeaker! The sports hall staff have delivered spinning bikes to all those members of the community who used to attend the classes. Miguel, the council gym’s fitness instructor has provided free of charge workout videos on Youtube. The town hall social media managers have been posting recipes provided by the village’s restaurants and chefs for us to try at home. The village is regularly disinfected from the main town square to all the urbanisations surrounding. They deliver medication to people that cannot get out to get it.  In addition, every single house has had free facemasks delivered to them and so far as I’m aware, we have no cases of COVID-19 within the village. What a town, right?!


I know many people have struggled with the lockdown at times but the Internet has also been a great source of help… local people have all rallied round to help anyone struggling. It’s an amazing sense of community and I think new friendships will be formed, alongside old ones strengthened. 


Life is going to be very different for a long time and we are still in Lockdown, but I think we have to take a positive standpoint whenever we can.  Many people have had to slow down, take stock and learn the things that actually matter… friendship, family and people! Between us we can make the world a better place ☺ 


Would I have moved to Busot knowing what I know now? Yes 100%... I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now.

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